One of the most iconic hot rods in pop culture history began as a ragged, gray primered coupe with red fenders and red and white interior. Under George Lucas’ specific orders the car was cleaned up, modified to be more period accurate: the front fenders were replaced with motorcycle fenders, the interior was dyed black, chrome was added to the Chevy 327 motor and so on.

After the finishing touch, the custom mixed canary yellow paint, holes were drilled into the body and chassis to accommodate for filming equipment. A few years later the car made a cameo in an episode of the TV series “Emergency!” and then fell into disrepair. It was eventually restored by the current owner.


The Drawing is 11’x14” marker on Bristol board. The original is sold but prints are available on eBay or Amazon. A premium limited edition version is for sale. It comes framed with a reproduction of the famous “THX-138” license plate and is limited to a run of 20, also on Ebay and Amazon and the link below.
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