Monster Squad is a television series that aired Saturday mornings on NBC from September 11, 1976 to September 3, 1977. It is unrelated to the later film of the same name. The series stars pre-Love Boat Fred Grandy as Walt, a criminology student working as a night watchman at "Fred's Wax Museum". To pass the time, Walt built a prototype "Crime Computer" hidden in a large stone sarcophagus near an exhibit of legendary monsters. When Walt plugged in his computer, "oscillating vibrations" brought to life the wax statues of Dracula, the Wolfman who here was named "Bruce W. Wolf" (with one episode revealing that the "W" stood for "Were"), and the Frankenstein Monster who was referred to as "Frank N. Stein" in the credits.

The monsters, wanting to make up for the misdeeds of their pasts, became superhero crimefighters who used their unique abilities to challenge and defeat various supervillains. In most episodes, Walt would send the monsters out to investigate crimes and fight the villains while monitoring the activities from the wax museum via the Crime Computer, presumably because his job required him to be at the wax museum at all times. However, Walt would sometimes join the climactic battle with his comrades in some episodes and come to the rescue when needed

The Squad had their own customized black Monster Van, and each monster had a "utility belt" with a communicator device used to keep in touch with Walt, who had apparently created them for the monsters to use. Their CB-style codenames were "Chamber of Horrors" (Walt), "Nightflyer" (Drac), "Green Machine" (Frank) and "Furball" (Bruce).

The Monster Van was a 1970’s Chevrolet Van. There’s no information on who created the van nor what happened to it after the series ended. Some merchandise was created for the series but it’s now pretty rare.


My drawing is 11’x14” marker on paper. The original and prints are available through the links at the top of this article. Prints can be purchased on eBay or Amazon as well.

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