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1983 film directed by John Carpenter and based on the novel by Stephen King stars a blood red 1958 Plymouth Fury who has a will of her own and a very jealous heart.

In ‘58 Furys only came in one color scheme: “Sandstone White” with a “Buckskin Beige” interior. In the story, Christine’s original owner ordered her with the custom paint scheme. The base Fury featured a 318 V8 engine with twin 4-barrel carburetors. While the 318 offered 290 hp, buyers could opt for a more powerful 350 V8 called the Golden Commando which produced 305 hp. Some owners spent the extra cash for a very rare 315 hp fuel injected 350.

23 cars were used, sixteen for filming and seven for parts. Only three remained unscathed. Some close up scenes used a “dummy” front attached to a bulldozer. Regeneration scenes utilized rubber parts molded from the originals and hydraulic jacks.


My drawing is 11’x14” marker on paper. The original painting and prints are available through the link at the top of this article. Prints are available on eBay, Amazon and Etsy. Limited edition framed prints with the screen accurate license plate is available through the link below.


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