RoboCop is a 1987 American science fiction action film set in a crime-ridden Detroit, Michigan, in the near future. The film centers on police officer Alex Murphy who is murdered by a gang of criminals and subsequently revived by the megacorporation Omni Consumer Products as the cyborg law enforcer RoboCop. Unaware of his former life, RoboCop executes a brutal campaign against crime.

RoboCop was originally supposed to drive a specially designed police car dubbed the Robo-Mobile or the Turbo-Car, which featured all sorts of futuristic gear. The car itself was quite elaborate, almost Batmobile-like in appearance. However, when it rolled onto the set early in production, it became clear that it looked too ridiculous to be used in the film. After seeing ads for the 1986 Ford Taurus, the director ordered more than a dozen of the newly released cars.


My drawing is 11’x14” marker on paper. The original and prints are available through the links at the top of this article. Prints can be purchased on eBay or Amazon as well.

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